Aria Beauty Styling Demo for Redheads

If you’re #blessed enough to have red hair, then you know the curse of having dry frizzy hair. I don’t know what it is, but often being a redhead means having dry and damaged hair.

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Ask a Redhead with Liana K

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be an awful lot of redheads in the fantasy world? From comic books to video games to cosplay; redheads make up way more than 2 percent of the characters out t

Spray Tanning Redheads

MANY redheads are pretty pale… and not all redheads like that.  Even though we are perfectly palatable in all shades of white, there are times that some of us yearn for a bit of colour.

Ask a Redhead: Interview Series

Welcome to Ask a Redhead…where redhead secrets are revealed and issues are discussed! With a push from my good friend Le Frenchie (Christian Lind), I’m embarking on a series of discussions

Kiss a Ginger Day 2016

It’s time to prepare yourself for Kiss a Ginger Day (check them out on facebook), coming to your world January 12th, 2016.


Best Christmas Gifts for Redheads

Wondering what to get your naughty but nice redhead for Christmas? We’ve got suggestions of the best Christmas gifts (or anytime gifts!), especially created for redheads.


Enhancing Red Hair

I feel like a traitor. For the first time in a long time, I coloured my hair. It’s still red, of course, and while I love the result, I’m feeling a little torn.


Love Your Red Hair Day – November 5th

Congrats to our friends at How To Be a Redhead for spearheading #loveyourredhairday We share the sentiment and believe that the greater redhead community does as well.


Redhead Halloween Costumes

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Make it easy on yourself and use your hair as part of your costume! There are great options out there for men, women, friends and couples.