Enhancing Red Hair

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I feel like a traitor. For the first time in a long time, I coloured my hair. It’s still red, of course, and while I love the result, I’m feeling a little torn.

Having natural red hair has always been a point of pride for me. I’ve survived the teasing and the unwanted attention, and have grown to embrace what has always made me distinctive. IMG_3724 IMG_3725My hair has become an identity. I’m regularly complimented on my hair colour, and so I feel somehow disloyal or even greedy that I’ve chosen to join the box-red brigade.

My hair is naturally a medium red, but it used to be a darker red when I was a kid. As I’ve gotten older, and spent more and more time outside and my hair has become more and more orange. When I was on-air, a stylist friend of mine suggested I bring in some low lights to bump my colour up, especially under the bright TV lights. I did some wash-out low lights to bring some definition to my curly orange crown, and was surprised by how much I liked the change, but I always let them fade away…until now.

My friend Arlene is a master at colour, and she explained low lights and shadows and how having them present can provide a good contrast to lighter hair. It makes perfect sense if you know anything about lighting, or opposites for that matter. They say there can be no darkness without the light, but there is also no brightness without the dark. My red is now deeper and shines with the addition of dark dark brown, bright bright red, and some golden highlights too. While it’s true, that I’ve dyed parts of my hair BROWN, the overall results are lustrous red and perfect for Fall and Winter.IMG_4038 IMG_4045 IMG_4061

Am I the only one with hesitation when it comes to dying my natural red hair? Especially when I have a blog all about it? Connect and let me know!