Freckles : Friend or Foe?

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Love them on hate them, freckles usually are a part of being a redhead. As a kid they are undeniably cute, with usually just a few scattered across your nose. See here? This was me.

You likely didn’t have too many more than this if your parents plied you with sunblock, the way mine did. But as you’ve move through life, you’ve probably experienced a few bad sunburns away from the slathering hands of your parents. And for many of us, this has meant more freckles. So many freckles, in fact, that you can’t see them individually. Some of us, you could say, are awash with freckles. That’s me.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Over the years, I’ve learned to like my freckles. I won’t say love, because I still struggle with finding a foundation that matches both my skin tone and freckles, and does not make me look ashen grey (is this too much to ask?) And I while sunscreen is a necessary and greasy evil, if I’m to keep my freckles under control, I’m glad I have the option.
Below is a photo of my #favefreckle

See the little heart? So much cooler than a tattoo! What’s your #favefreckle?

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