Ginger vs Redhead: The Importance of Language

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It could be just me, but I tend to shudder when someone uses the word “ginger” to describe me. I don’t think I’m alone.

Ginger is a word that’s always been used to tease, and in some cases more recently, it’s been used to abuse and incite hatred (I’m looking at you KICK A GINGER DAY)171a.jpg_resized
And so yes, I know the arguments about reclaiming a word that’s been used by abusers and feeling empowerment. Still, it has an icky feeling to me, even when other redheads refer to us as gingers.

In my experience, attractive people with red hair are called redheads and unattractive are called gingers. Can you believe this hateful stuff? No wonder I’ve never felt good about this word. What do you think? Do you identify as a ginger? Or are you a proud redhead?