Kiss a Ginger Day 2016

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It’s time to prepare yourself for Kiss a Ginger Day (check them out on facebook), coming to your world January 12th, 2016.

It’s a Canadian-made solution to a largely British-made problem: Kick a Ginger Day. Kick A Ginger resulted in numerous redheaded kids (mostly guys) getting assaulted in school, and even on the streets of the UK. It was a true case of targeted violence, and one that sadly, a lot people and the media, thought was humorous.

Well not Canadian personality and activist Derek Forgie. He took up the cause in 2009 (just a year after that other day!) and now works to promote love and peace towards Gingers, rather than abuse. Here’s my interview with him where we discuss the huge online reaction to Kiss a Ginger Day. It’s actually surpassed Kick a Ginger Day, and the movement is now sweeping like a red wave across Europe and North America, with small pub events and gathering in big city centres like London, Berlin and Toronto too!

So January 12th, seek out a ginger (or redhead, as I prefer)  in your life and let them know that you care. Trust me, we get enough flack, even if a lot of it “just teasing”.  Really, I’ve heard that one before! And please…if you aren’t already on kissing terms, ask first. We don’t want this to become another day that redheads get abuse!

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