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Redhair: The Recipe for Success?

Ever feel powerful because of your hair? This article in EliteDaily makes some compelling arguments about redheads who rise to the top.

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MC1R Magazine

MC1R – The magazine for redheads is the brainchild of German based Tristan Rodgers and launched in 2014. MC1R publishes twice a year, so it’s a treat for redheads and their fans to savour.


Freckles : Friend or Foe?

Love them on hate them, freckles usually are a part of being a redhead. As a kid they are undeniably cute, with usually just a few scattered across your nose. See here? This was me.

Irish Redhead Convention Aug 21-23

Last week I went to Rock it Like a Redhead in Seattle which focused on redheaded beauty. Well leave it to the Irish who this weekend are taking it up a notch and hosting the Irish Redhead Convention.