Redhead Review Road Trip : Rock it Like a Rehead

Photos by Shantel Young and How To Be A Redhead

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When I crossed the border last Thursday heading to Seattle, the border guard laughed.

Guard: Where are you headed today?
Me: I’m going to Seattle overnight
Guard: What will you be doing there?
Me: I’m going to a redhead beauty conference
Guard: (pauses) Really?…..that’s a thing? (starts laughing)

I met others at the Rock it Like a Redhead beauty event who’d had similar experiences with airport security and others curious folks. Most people had never thought about it, but really, doesn’t it make sense? We’ve got red hair, distinctive skin (with its own set of needs) and a very special colouring. We are a great beauty niche! And to be shown a night of beauty treatments, fashion, and open bar was a true delight.

The night began with the line. This was a scene in itself as people drove by honking at the (mostly) women in line along Seattle’s 3rd Street. This is where many of the conversations began. Many of the attendees came on their own; clearly knowing they wouldn’t be alone for long.

Once we got through the red carpet (but of course!) and the photo wall, it was a playground for anyone who loves beauty. Highlights included Gabriel Cosmetics makeovers, and hair hair hair! Whether you wanted your mane braided or blown-out, you got your hair done at the this event by local stylists from Gene Juarez Salons. There were ongoing fashion shows featuring local redhead models (professional and newbies!) and of course entertainment by redheaded musicians.

The founders of How to Be a Redhead were there too. This is the first year that Stephanie and Adrienne have taken their love a redheaded beauty on the road, and it was super to see them there, spreading the positivity. They also were showcasing their newest product Billion Dollar Brows and giving attendees personal brow-makeovers!

This event was great and for me and many others. It was worth the planes, trains and automobiles we took to attend. We found our people….we found our tribe.

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