Review: Revlon Professional NutriColor Crème

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I tested Revlon Professional NutriColor Crème in shade 740 to match my copper-coloured hair. It’s a stylish little bottle that looks chic enough to leave on the bathroom counter, and after one use, the product did a good job of enhancing the red in my hair while also adding plenty of softness. Concerns about the ease of application were short-lived, but gloves and tissues for cleanup are definitely advised for those of us with less deft hands. Instructions are simple, but they matter: don’t forget to wash your hair first (I mistakenly put it on dry hair the second time around and saw almost no results). It rinsed out easily and didn’t damage my hair at all, so in the future, I might risk extending the developing time a bit beyond the recommended three minutes,to give even more of a lift to my lid for the coming winter months.

Before application

About half way though